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Will not stop loving

May be the day’s long gone

May be its long to be dawn

But who would

Sit at nights

Peeping the stars alone..??

I’m not definitely up giving,

Will not stop loving…



Words coming up at random

I’m now not afraid of outcome

When you with me

Life’s looking hazy

But calm

O please..!!

Stay with me…

For I may fall…

I don’t know you will

Hold back or not…

But at least…

I will again see myself standing…

I promise you sweetheart

Will not stop loving…


Come to me…

A promise I can make

That you shall never be awake alone

When stars go dim

By your window,

Come to me… I’ll hold you tight

And never let you go….



A promise that

You’ll never see the ground

N heavenly blues

Would become ‘your’ color

For everyday…

Come to me… for I make you a home

Worth a whole world of promises…

Days and times when

Life outruns you,

A mere thought would

Put forth a bridge

Where I am there to

Leap you out…

A promise that

All the promises will be kept

A promise that

That it’ll be most kept and said

When least needed

Come to me…

For I promise that

Souvenirs of our good memories

Will always be kept deep

And never forgotten…

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