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A walk

hand in hand



a sleep that

rests on shoulder

a sweetness that we share

a frown that you care

our voices so still

that heartbeats come to living…

no matter how and where and why I am,

will not stop loving…


Happiness is cherished with you,

you know about my tears too,

days sometimes are black

I hopefully can hold myself back,

I just count my days dear,

hours with you will be many more

o please..!!

hold me, hug me so near to you

so that every breath,

every thought

starts thanking you,

for I promise that a bigger promise

is waiting,

will not….


A whisper I hear,

a call so dear,

an hour much awaited

when another year adds to you again,

may the smile remains the same,

and happiness lifelong blooms,

and may everything you touch

always experiences unfading spring

will not ever…




Come to me…

A promise I can make

That you shall never be awake alone

When stars go dim

By your window,

Come to me… I’ll hold you tight

And never let you go….



A promise that

You’ll never see the ground

N heavenly blues

Would become ‘your’ color

For everyday…

Come to me… for I make you a home

Worth a whole world of promises…

Days and times when

Life outruns you,

A mere thought would

Put forth a bridge

Where I am there to

Leap you out…

A promise that

All the promises will be kept

A promise that

That it’ll be most kept and said

When least needed

Come to me…

For I promise that

Souvenirs of our good memories

Will always be kept deep

And never forgotten…

तुम्हारी मुस्कुराहटों के,
तुम्हारी प्यारी बातों के,
उन साथ बिताये पलों के
रूप में मिली सौगातों के
बदले में,
काश तुम्हें कुछ दे पाता,
काश, एक कविता लिख पाता…।

यूँ तो जो महसूस किया
उसे कोरे कागज़ पर उकेरना
बहती नदी को मुठ्ठी में
बन्द करने जैसा होगा,
काश उन भावनाओं के नीर
का रंग तुम्हें दिखला पाता,
काश, एक कविता लिख पाता…।
कोई ना समझ पाया था
ना कभी समझेगा,
कैसे और क्या हैं हम
इक-दूजे के लिये,
काश उस अनकही अनजानी
समझ को कोई संज्ञा दे पाता,
काश, एक कविता लिख पाता…।
अरे पगली,
कोई कवि थोडे ही हूँ,
कि तुझ पर अनगिनत
काव्य न्यौछावर कर दूंगा,
पर तेरी हर मुस्कुराहट
तो मेरे लिये ’तुकान्त’ है,
काश उन पलों, रंगों, संज्ञाओं पर
मैं भी एक ’मधुशाला’ लिख पाता…
काश, एक कविता लिख पाता…।

In the garden

A bird came down the walk,

He did not know I know;

He bit an angle worm in halves

And ate the fellow in raw.


And then he drank a dew

From a nearby grass,

And then hopped sidewise to the wall

To let a beetle pass,


He glanced with rapid eyes

That hurried all abroad,

They looked like rolling beads, I thought,

He then stirred his velvet head.


Like one in danger, cautious

I offered him a crumb,

And he unrolled his feathers

And rowed him home…


Time! On whose arbitrary wing
The varying hours fly,
Whose tardy winter, fleeting spring,
Drag or drive us to die . . . ,

You! Who on my birth’s bestowed
Those boons to all that know you known,
Yet better I sustain your load,
For now I bear the load alone.

I could find just one heart to share
The bitter moments you have given,
And pardon you since you couldn’t spare
All that I loved to peace or heaven.

To than be joy or rest, on me
Your future ills shall press in vain,
I shall owe nothing but years to thee,
A debt already paid in pain. . . . . .

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