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आज लिखने बैठा हूँfountain-pen-writing
अरसे बीते हैं
अब जब कलम
कोसों दूर है

सालों से जिन्होने
शब्दों की रोशनी नहीं देखी
अब उन पुरानी बातों पर से
दिमागी परतें
आज उतारने बैठा हूँ

कहते फ़िरते हैं
शौक पाला है हमने
लिखने का
आज खुद ही खुद को खुद से
खुदा से और इस खुदी से
उपर उठाने बैठा हूँ

इक अधजला कागज़ हूँ
या इक सूखी दवात
इक टूटी कलम
या खोया हुआ खलायात
तुम्हारे सवालों में उलझा हुआ
इक जवाब
या बेचैन नींदों में खोया हुआ
इक अनजाना ख्वाब…
आज मैं हर इल्ज़ाम
मिटाने बैठा हूँ


May be…

May be it was a tear

May be a smile behind it

Or just a wrong perception

Done by your conception…tired thinking


Was it the haze all around you…

Which blurred you that day


Gloom of your mind

Which led you all the way..?

It was just radiance

Which I befriended long ago…

I know…

May be… I was not in mood

To cry that night.


You said I lost

What I got


Someone took it from me

To fulfill their own ends.

May be… I never got that


May be you never

Bestowed it for me…

Hey… did I know

‘WHAT’ it was…?

May be no…

May be yes…


This calligraphic note…

Isn’t for I miss you

May be… I am angry now

Spending this time

Drawing a line

Between desperation

And determination


May be… yes…

I miss you.


I know you aren’t

Always happy

And do not think

My smile shows you

What it always tries

May be… it just tells

You are as stubborn

As I used to be.

And may be… I am still smiling. 🙂

Ms. wrong

I was fine before you walked into my life

Funny how now I only want to talk to you with a knife

You’re my past and that’s where you belong

Cause you, in fact, were Ms. Wrong

You tried to make me happy but you didn’t

All I did was keep my misery hidden

I tried to please you

But you walked on me, like a mat with a shoe

I tried to change

But inside it felt strange

That’s okay cause you’re my past

And you’re my last

I’m done with being sad

Done with being bad

I found somebody great

It must have been fate

she lives so close to me

I don’t know how I couldn’t see

That love was right around the bend

And all my honour she would defend

I loved you back then

Now I know what’s real, amen

You were Ms. Wrong and now I have Ms. Right

Her love is so bright

she is my everything, my all

And will never let me fall

I love her so

And I’ll never ever let her go.

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