The tears, they will not stop

My heart sinks and I feel it drop

It’s like I’m not human anymore

Like the sand upon an ocean shore

I fade away without notice or care

Wondering how this life can be fair

My cheeks stained by the tears

That have been falling for years

The unhappiness I feel inside

I feel as though I have died

Forgotten by the world around me

Nobody to hear my quiet plea

Yet here I sit, alone and crying

Telling myself to stop lying

My life will never be good

‘Cause I’ll forever be misunderstood

Still, these tears will not stop

I’m so tired I just want to drop

Into a heap on the floor

Of life, I’m wanting more

But I know better

So I’ll just sit here and write my letter

My note for the end

Knowing that truly I was without a friend

‘Cause this life gets lonely

When you’re the one and only.