Remind me not, remind me not

Of those beloved, those beloved hours,

When all my soul was given to thee,

Hours that may never be forgot,

Till time unnerves my powers,

And thou and I cease to be.

Can I forget, can you forget,

Playin with thy golden hair,

How quick did your heart move,

Oh! By my soul , I saw you yet,

With eyes so anguid, fair so fair,

And lips, very silent, breathig love……

I dremt last night our love returned

And good to say, that dream,

Was much sweeter in its fantasy;

Than if for other hearts I burned,

For eyes that never like thine could beam

In world’s wild reality.

Please yell me not, remind me not,

Of hours forever gone,

Can still a pleasin dream restore,

Till you and I shall be forgot,

And senseless as a mouldering stone,

Which tells that we shall be no more.